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  • Confederate Altered 1816 Musket by Thomas J. Adams of Richmond, Virginia

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    Confederate Altered 1816 Musket by Thomas J. Adams of Richmond, Virginia – Inventory Number: RIF 140

    US Model 1816 musket cut down to musketoon length and bearing the distinctive percussion conversion of Thomas J. Adams of Richmond, VA. Adams was a local gunsmith that received a contract from the State of Virginia shortly after the start of the war to alter older flintlock arms in the state arsenal to the percussion system, at $4.00 per arm.  The Adams alteration involved the application of a distinctive “three faceted bolster" to the breech of the pistol by means of brazing it over the touchhole. The pan, frizzen and all parts related to the flintlock mechanism were removed, and the accompanying holes in the lock filled. The pan on some pistols was filled with iron to create an even surface to help support the flat bottom bolster. Many of Adams' bolsters also show the shadow of a circle on their face, an artifact of the bolster application process, which used a rod through a hole in the bolster to hold it in place while it was brazed, with the hole subsequently being filled in and brazed closed. A crudely made percussion hammer was added to the original tumbler, and most of these hammers show rudely applied, simple cross-hatching on their spurs.

    This unique example shows plenty of evidence of use in the field. The iron surfaces and stock are completely untouched. The lock shows the makers mark of D. Evans of Philadelphia. The Adams made hammer functions on all positions. The cut down stock has a cast brass Adams produced nosecap. The ramrod was manufactured to length and is threaded at the base. The barrel has an applied brass bead site, and Adam's distinctive bolster is attached with brazing. The breech plug appears to have been reenforced with lead solder. The musketoon measures 47" in length. A wonderful southern weapon that's as Confederate as a Richmond Rifle-Musket.

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    Inventory Number: RIF 149