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  • Confederate States Belt Plate from the Battle of Gettysburg

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    Confederate States Belt Plate from the Battle of Gettysburg -  Inventory Number: GET 226 - SOLD

    Excavated example of the “Confederate Egg” oval belt plate with raised letters “C.S.”  This example was excavated in 2005 by relic hunter Samuel T. Perry. from Fairfield, PA site of General Ewell's campsite along the retreat route.  Accompanied by the original letter of provenance containing photographs.  

    History of the original Confederate “CS” Egg Buckle: This unique die-stamped, belt plate is nicknamed “egg” because of the oval egg-like design and its thin, eggshell-like, stamped brass construction. This excavated example has a clearly visible “CS” stamping, excavated condition, exhibiting a nice, even, dark chocolate and earthen patina. On the reverse side of the buckle, the majority of the original lead s fill, no wire hooks remain. Recent research into Confederate requisition documents indicate that Confederate manufacturers utilized heavy gauge, telegraph wire to make the belt hooks for this style of plate.

    These crudely stamped oval belt plates were broadly used by the Confederacy.  This style is well noted for its weakly stamped, simple lettering and its thin border around the edge of the plate. The plate was stamped using a primitive die. This thinner brass, sheet egg plate was generally used in the eastern theater of the war.

    Inventory Number: GET 226 - SOLD

    Recovered from the Confederate retreat route in Fairfield, PA.  Ewell's Troops campsite..  Excavated in 2005 with letter of Provenance.  

    Inventory Number: GET 226