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  • Confederate Bowie Knife / SOLD

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    Confederate Bowie Knife - Inventory Number: CON 455 / SOLD

    Impressive example of a Confederate fighting knife manufactured from a file.  These knives often have some of the checkering remaining at the bast of the blade to signify to the buyer that it is superior steel as files were generally constructed of quality steel.  This example exhibits cross-hatching and is a wonderful example of the finishing work that was done to convert it into a knife.  The blade is tapered to create a pair of sharp cutting edges, these remail super sharp and there or no coarse nicks or damage.  The blade measures an impressive 12 ½” long and the overall is 17 3/8”.  The handle I constructed of a lathe-turned hardwood with iron collar and serpentine iron cross guard.  This knife was in a top collection of CS knives for several decades until purchased by our gallery.  A wonderful excellent condition example of a Confederate soldier’s bowie! 


    Inventory Number: CON 455 / SOLD