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  • Confederate Cartridge Box / SOLD

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    Confederate Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: CON 216 / Sold

    Recently acquired Gettysburg action, this battlefield pick-up example was produced by the Confederacy.  The leather body is entirely hand-stitched with both sling buckles and sling present.  The soldier had removed the outer flap as was popular in the Confederacy for speed of loading, lightening of the load on the march as well as to utilize  the leather for repairs and other needs.  The secondary flap is present and exhibits heavy crazing of the leather surface.  The interior compartment for gun tools is intact, lacking insert.  This is the classic regulation Confederate example constructed of russet colored leather with a tooled line, which is much thinner than its Union counterpart, never having been punched for a plate.  This is likely a product of the Richmond Armory.  

    Inventory Number: CON 216 / SOLD