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  • Confederate Currency $10 Dollar Indian Family Note / Sold

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    Confederate Currency $10 Dollar Indian Family Note - Inventory Number: CUR 070 / Sold

    1861 T-22 Obverse: Family group of Indians in center. Thetis with scepter of Neptune at left, Indian woman at right holding ear of corn and “X” (for 10). Printed in red and black on red fiber paper.  Southern Bank Note Company. Plate B. Black serial numbers. 58,860 issued.

    Inscriptions: "Six Months after the Ratification of a Treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States, The Confederate States of America will pay Ten Dollars to Bearer/ Richmond, September 2, 1861/ Fundable in Eight Percent Stock or Bonds of Confederate States of America/ Receivable in Payment of all dues except Export Duties/ Southern Bank Note Company/ New Orleans" 

    Inventory Number: CUR 070 / Sold