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  • Confederate File-Blade Conversion Knife / SOLD

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    Confederate File-Blade Conversion Knife - Inventory Number: CON 364 / SOLD

    Classic CS File-Blade Conversion, the simple, but crude use of files to be quickly re-forged into these archetypical Confederate fighting knives has killer remnants of the file-blade cross-hatching, and "tooled" (lined) handle!

    Born from the rapid secession and ensuing actual war, southern blacksmiths were needed to quickly convert "plowshares into swords"- -and other such war materials, such as simple files that would be re-forged and formed into these archetypical, 100% Johnny Reb Fighting Knives. This one has the distinction of not only being a large fighting knife (14" total length, 9.25" blade length), but the beautiful remnants of the file-blade's original cross-hatching are vividly legible. As well, the maker of this "Yankee-sticker" actually did some fine craftsmanship in making the handle, which appears to be walnut, to which he formed with a shaped handle (bulbous at the end, and more "ergonomic" for the Confederate soldier holding it in a fight to stab and cut!). The maker even added some "flair" to the handle, with 3 "tooled" lines lathed into the handle! The simple brass ferrule and pommel ring around the "peen" hold this.  No Confederate collection is complete without one of the “file-blade", CS-made, Southern soldier classic fighting blades. 


    Inventory Number: CON 364 / SOLD