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  • Confederate Reed Shell / SOLD

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    Confederate Reed Shell - Inventory Number: CON 224 / SOLD

    This excavated Confederate 3 inch Read shell is in very good condition and still retains its excellent condition fuse adaptor.  The sabot on this example is lacking.  This shell has a black enamel finish.  About ½” below the bottom of the fuse adaptor, on one side of this shell, are the remnants of its lathe chock.    This fine Confederate shell has been disarmed, has no repairs, and is ready for display. It will be an excellent addition to any excavated Civil War artillery or general relic collection.  Approximate weight is 6.4 lbs and the length is 7 inches.  Beautiful example with smooth exterior and crisp copper fuse adapter! 

    Inventory Number: CON 224 / SOLD