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  • Confederate Richmond Rifle

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    Confederate Richmond Rifle - Inventory Number: RIF 141

    This rifle is made from an interesting amalgamation of parts pressed into Confederate service. The barrel is a cut down Richmond Rifle Musket, as is evident from the T shaped rear sight groove. An iron bead sight has been mounted to the front of the barrel. The ramrod is original to the rifle and is of Richmond manufacture. The stock and lock are from an 1860 dated US Model 1855 rifle musket, with an 1860 pattern hammer. The lock functions on all positions, and the Maynard tape primer device is complete and functional. Both sling swivels are missing, as is the nose cap. The bore is slightly dark with sharp rifling. All iron parts have an even, deep, untouched brown patina. A wonderful Confederate longarm that shows evidence of true service. A true Confederate firearm.

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    Inventory Number: RIF 141