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  • Confederate States $500 Bond and Coupons / SOLD

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    Confederate States $500 Bond and Coupons - Inventory Number: CUR 085 / SOLD

    This original $500 Confederate treasury coupon bond, dated February 20th, 1863, is professionally framed and in very good condition. The Confederacy sold these large bonds with coupons to raise capital for the war effort. The bonds offered high interest rates which made them desirable by manufacturers of military goods which the south lacked. The Confederate Treasury in both Richmond, VA. and Montgomery, Alabama issued bonds from May 1861 until the end of the war. This particular bond is hand numbered 8404, printed by "Evans & Cogswell Lith Columbia, S.C.". Pictured in the middle at the top is C. G. Memminger who was the first Confederate States Secretary of the Treasury from February 21, 1861 until July 1st, 1864. There were originally eight coupons at the bottom, each paying 20 dollars, ranging in maturity dates from July 1, 1865 to July 1, 1868. One coupon is missing and was likely redeemed by its then owner upon its maturity date prior to the war's end. The frame measures approximately 19 inches x 21 inches.  This $500 Confederate treasury coupon bond will be a very handsome display piece and an excellent addition to any Civil War collection.

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    Inventory Number: CUR 085 / SOLD