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  • Confederate Tin Drum Canteen with Original Cloth Cover

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    Confederate Tin Drum Canteen with Original Cloth Cover - Inventory Number: CON 170

    Unique Confederate tin drum canteen in that it has a linsey-woolsey cover. The canteen itself is in good condition. The body is solid. The spout is present as well as the original cork and all three sling retention keepers. The canteen meas. approx. 6.75 inches across x 2.75 inches wide.

    The cover is constructed of three pieces of cloth, one circular piece to cover each side and a strip that goes around the edge. This edge piece is cut in three places to expose the sling loops. The cover has had stitched conservation to mend the seams and some separations from use and age. Overall the cover is a thin material but still seems very strong and sturdy for its age. It has signs of wear and stress, especially on the edge, but these are fairly stable.  A rare example with cloth cover from the collection of the late Bill Erquitt.  Identified to a soldier in the 4th Georgia according to his records, research ongoing.

    Inventory Number: CON 170