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    Confederate Veterans Parade Flag - Inventory Number: VET 199 / Sold

    Confederate parade flag of a type used for the reunions of the United Confederate Veterans organization.  When in rectangular format, this design, sometimes called the "Battle Flag" or the "Southern Cross" is often termed the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, after the well-known division, commanded by General Lee, that carried it as their battle flag.  The U.C.V., or United Confederate Veterans, was founded in 1889, after it became more acceptable for the aging members of the former Confederate Army to gather together for purposes relating to their former service.  

    This fine silk example is mounted to a black wooden dowel with a gold painted plaster topper.  This example was part of a lot of recently discovered parade flags that were unused in a box dated 1917. Canteen measures 5 1/2" x 3 3/4", pole 10 3/4".

    Inventory Number: VET 199 / Sold