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  • Confederate Wood Drum Canteen / SOLD


    Confederate Wood Drum Canteen - Inventory Number: CON 141 / SOLD

    A very nice example of a Confederate wooden drum canteen. Produced during the war, this circular specimen is constructed of cedar and measures 7 ¼” in diameter by 2 ½” wide.  Well-constructed example with its original cotton strap and a cork which appears to have been present for some time. 

    Two circular iron bands, each 3/8” wide, encompass the canteen’s outer edges and secured to itself via a small iron rivet Two of the three iron sling retention bars are present. Still visible on each face are the circular lathe marks left by the machine cutting tool.  In addition, there are several markings lightly carved into the surface that appear to be initials along with “10V” thought to be 10th Virginia but unsubstantiated. A very fine example at well below market value.

    Inventory Number: CON 141 / SOLD