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  • Congress Water Bottle / SOLD

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    Congress Water Bottle - Inventory Number: BOT 103 / SOLD

    Dug at Port Hudson LA.

    This is a Congress Spring Company Congress Water Bottle From Saratoga New York. Was discovered in 1792 by Nicholas Gilman, a member of Congress.

    It was tubed by Gideon Putnam, an early developer of Saratoga Springs. Many owners and years later around 1800 at some point the Hotchkiss family became the principal shareholder and by 1884 the company would split forming two companies. One was called the Congress spring Company and the other called Empire Spring Company. There are two types of Congress/Empire Water bottles.

    Bottles embossed with the C come from the Congress Springs and bottles embossed with an E come from the Empire Springs. This bottle listed is clearly from the Congress Spring Company.

    Inventory Number: BOT 103 / SOLD