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  • Delegate Bade of the 41st National Encampment

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    Delegate Badge of the 41st National Encampment - Inventory Number: VET 220

    G.A.R., Saratoga Springs, N.Y., 1907. Copper colored metal pin clasp with "41st National Encampment Saratoga Springs 1907" Copper colored representative plate hangs from the pin clasp with red, white, and blue enamel flags and glued paper images of the Saratoga Monument and the Grant Cottage. Shield-shaped plate hangs from the representative bar with an image of Grant in the center and "Let Us Have Peace" at the bottom. Brass and white enamel city seal of Cleveland hangs from the pin clasp. Metal badge with the G.A.R. insignia. "Cleveland 1901" on the face of the badge. This example was formerly part of the MOLLUS museum collection inventory 86.43.11 Civil War Library Museum in Philadelphia.

    Inventory Number: VET 220