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  • Diary, Letter, and Images of Alpheus D. Evans, 13th New Hampshire Infantry Died of Disease a Newport News. Fredericksburg Battle Content!

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    Diary, Letter, and Images of Alpheus D. Evans, 13th New Hampshire Infantry Died of Disease a Newport News. Fredericksburg Battle Content! - Inventory Number: GRO 063

    Wonderful grouping of items from Alpheus D. Evans, who enlisted as a corporal in the 13th New Hampshire infantry. He died of disease in Newport News on March 11, 1863. A copper framed tintype of Evans shows him wearing a nine-button frock coat with corporal’s chevrons. There is also a later cabinet card photograph that came with the grouping that may be Corporal Evans’ brother or a close relative, as there is an obvious resemblance. Evans’ letter is dated January 9, 1862 from Falmouth, Virginia and has some good content of camp life and Burnside’s grand review.

    We are in Burnside's division. We went out on a grand review last Tuesday. There was nearly forty-five or fifty regiments all in one field beside Artillery and barely enough to cover five acres of land. It was a large party of men in one field. The largest that I have seen since I have been here... I have got to leave this and go out on battalion drill .. you ought to see my chimney that I built yesterday. We built it of sods with a fireplace so we can sit and warm ourselves in our big tent."

    Evans’ pocket-sized, leather-bound diary spans from August 14, 1862 to February 9, 1863 and includes nine pages of war entries and two of accounting. He describes a grievous injury he witnessed during the Battle of Fredericksburg. Some of the entries are as follows. 

    “Aug. 14, 1862- Enlisted in the US service for the term of three years.

    Sept. 18- Examined

    Sept. 19- Mustered in.

    Oct. 7- Move from Camp Chase to Uptan Hills.

    Oct. 21- Move from Camp Chase to Fairfax C.H.

    Dec. 2- March 15 miles.

    Dec. 5- It snows and rain. We camp in the woods. From Washington to

    Port Tobacco 40 miles.

    Dec. 6- March 2 miles then took the boat over the Potomac.

    Dec. 11- 5 o'clock began to bombard Frederick Bay. The first man wounded I see had his arm cut off. Arrive at Fredericksburg 10 ½ o'clock. Stay all night.

    Dec. 12- In the street 2 o' clock. Stay all day and night. Commenced bombard and fired occasionally through the day.

    Dec. 13- Stay in the street. Made a charge on the battery at 7 o' clock and was drove back. Stay in the street all night.

    Dec. 14- Stay in the street all day and night. Not much fighting through the day.

    Dec. 15- Stay in the street all day. Went on pickett guard at night.

    Dec. 16- Left Fredericksburg at 3 o' clock in the morning.”

    An excellent grouping from a New Hampshire soldier that never came home from the war.


    Alpheus D. Evans - Residence Strafford NH; 33 years old. Enlisted on 8/14/1862 as a Corporal. 

    On 9/19/1862 he mustered into "F" Co. NH 13th Infantry. He died of disease on 3/11/1863 at Newport News, VA.

    Comes housed in a 14 x 20 inch display case with red velvet backing and descriptive card.

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     Inventory Number: GRO 063