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  • Excavated 5 lb. Ketchum Hand Grenade / SOLD

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    Excavated 5 lb. Ketchum Hand Grenade - Inventory Number:  ART 364 / SOLD

    Patented in 1861 by William F. Ketchum in 1-, 3-, and 5-pound sizes, the Ketchum hand grenade had a saucer shaped percussion plunger on the front end and a wooden tail with four cardboard fins for stability in flight. Although the Union ordnance department held high hopes for the Ketchum grenade, the device proved largely ineffective because it had to land directly on its nose to explode, which it seldom did. They were used in significant numbers in siege operations at Port Hudson and Vicksburg. This is the 5-pound example and measures 6 ½” in length. The grenade comes with an original surplus wooden tail and reproduction fins and plunger.


    Inventory Number:  ART 364 /SOLD