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  • Excavated French Model 1842 Bayonet Scabbard / Sold

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    Excavated French Model 1842 Bayonet Scabbard – REL 076 / Sold
    Very distinctive steel scabbard for the French model 1842 saber bayonet, which were imported in significant numbers during the Civil War. The scabbard complete is well preserved, measuring 23.75 inches in length. A small “WR” in white paint on the throat of the scabbard and a digger’s tag notes that this was recovered from Wolf Run Shoals, Virginia. Both the Confederate and Union Armies considered Wolf Run Shoals a critical crossing point on the Occoquan River through 1863. In January 1863, the Vermont Brigade’s 12th and 13th infantry camped on the north side of the ford, with pickets being posted on the south side of the ford by Confederate troops from December 1861 until March 1862.

    Inventory Number: REL 076 / Sold