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  • Excavated Sharps Carbine / SOLD

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    Excavated Sharps Carbine - Inventory Number: RIF 142 / SOLD

    The most widely issued, single-shot, percussion carbine of the Civil War was the Sharps, a .52 caliber, breechloading firearm invented and patented by Hartford, Connecticut native Christian Sharps. This example was excavated in Winchester, Virginia, scene of countless encampments, skirmishes, and battles throughout the war. The carbine is in excellent condition for a dug relic. It consists of the barrel, receiver, lock, loading lever, trigger assembly, and butt plate. The iron is free from active rust and has been coated for preservation. This is a great candidate for mounting on a relic board and would make a great centerpiece to a dug Civil War relic collection. 


    Inventory Number: RIF 142 / SOLD