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    Framed Recruiting Broadside for Hancock's Veterans Corps.  - Inventory Number: DOC 088 / Sold

    "THE FIRST CORPS!" in large letters at the top, followed by "Is now being organized at Washington, under the command of Maj. Gen. HANCOCK. All able-bodied men, who have served two years and have been honorably discharged may Enlist in the Corps for One, Two, or Three Years.    EVERY VETERAN WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL BOUNTY OF $300." in large print.  Very small print follows with details of farther bounty.  "FREE TRANSPORTATION! To Washington, where all enlistment are consummated, can be obtained of any Provost Marshal, if the applicant is a proper subject.  On arriving in Washington, Veterans will be cared for at," "THE SOLDIERS' REST!" again in large print followed by "THEY WILL BE FORMED INTO COMPANIES AND REGIMENTS AS FAST AS THEY ARRIVE, personal preference being regarded when practicable.  This Corps will be provided with the best arms in the possession of the Government and the men will be allowed to retain their arms at the expiration of service.  All applications for commissions must be addresses to brigadier General L. Thomas, Adjutant General of the Army, and must state - 1. The date of original entry into service.  2. The rank on entry into service.  3. Date and cause of discharge.  4.  Rank at time of discharge.  5. Organization in which service was rendered."  Printed by Chronicle Steam Job Printing Establishment, 9th St Washington, DC."  In excellent condition.  Frame measures 36 1/2" x 28" actual size 27 1/4" x 19 1/2. 

    Hancock's 1st Veteran Corps

    In 1864 an order was issued from the Adjutant's General Office, Washington, DC, for the organization of a new Army Corps to be designated as the 1st Army Veteran Corps, to be commanded by Major General Winfield Scott Hancock. The Corps was to consist of not less than 20,000 Veterans who had served 2 years in the military service of the United States and had been honorably discharged therefrom. The officers were to be commissioned from those who had honorably served not less than 2 years. A recruiting office was established at Jackson, Mi, the 3rd Congressional District, under the charge of Captain R.J. Barry. As fast as the men enlisted they were furnished transportation to Washington, mustered into the service of the United States and credited to the sub-districts in which they or their families resided at the time of the enlistment.

    Inventory Number: DOC 088 / Sold