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  • French Chasseur Button

    French Chasseur Button - Inventory Number: BUT 255

    Button depicts eagle facing right, surrounded by 13 stars.  Buttons were French manufacture and eagle is similar to French design of the eagle adapted for American use. The French produced uniforms of the "Chasseur" style, these were presented to McClellan who issued them to regiments from 62d and 83d Pennsylvania, 18th Massachusetts and 49th and 72d New York.  These uniforms were issued with these white metal one piece buttons, along with large shako hat pins and riflemen buckles.  Backmark: "C F / PARIS" rm, white metal one part button, concave back, French supplied by Henry et Antione Cordier ca 1862.  One part convex white metal button, cuff size.  Nondug button.

    We have several buttons available, upon order we will select a nice representative for you.  $95 each.  

    Reference: Albert PA48, TicePA235As1, (Pennsylvania).  Ref: Albert MS104, MS218As1, (Massachusetts)


    Inventory Number: BUT 255