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  • Gallager Carbine Cartridge / SOLD

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    Gallager Carbine Cartridge - Inventory Number: BUL 367 / SOLD

    Brass cartridge for the Civil War .52 caliber Gallager Carbine. The weapon was designed by Mahlon J. Gallager, who licensed the design to Richardson and Overman of Philadelphia for production in August 1861. The Gallager was loaded from the rear with the brass case after the barrel was tilted via a lever, and externally primed with a percussion cap. The rifle was strongly made and widely issued, but unpopular with troops. Frequently, the cases stuck due to expansion of the front part and had to be laboriously removed. A total of 17,782 were sold to the U.S. Army. A nice non-excavated example.


    Inventory Number: BUL 367 / SOLD