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  • G.A.R. Embroidery / SOLD

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    G.A.R. Embroidery - Inventory Number: VET 230 / SOLD

    Exquisite hand-embroidered membership badge depicting the membership badge adopted by the Grand Army of the Republic in 1869.  The goddess Liberty, representing Loyalty, stands between a soldier and sailor representing Fraternity, and two children receive protection from the soldiers, representing Charity, the three cardinal precepts of the organization. Around the vignette the border reads: "GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC" and "1861 VETERANS 1866,” the dates referring to the official start and end dates of the war that qualified veterans for membership.  At the corners of the star are branch of service insignia.

    This is a master-craft example of embroidery, the embroidered star measures 6 ¾ inches x 6 ¾ inches and is mounted on black kersey wool, housed in its original frame measuring 14 inches x 10 inches with ¼ inch thick leaded glass panel. 


    Inventory Number: VET 230 / SOLD