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  • General A. P. Hill CDV and Military Coat / SOLD

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    General A. P. Hill - Inventory Number: IDE 058 / SOLD

    An original wartime engraved CDV of Hill  3” x3” section of cloth and original ink tag stating: A piece of the Military Coat worn by Lt. Genl. A. P. Hill when he was Killed Petersburg, VA. April 1865.

    There is significant provenance which accompanies this piece as well as the original old ink tag which measures  6 x 7”.  A letter by forensic Serologist Shirley Zeigler attesting to the “a very good indication that blood is present on the outer surface of this cloth”.  A letter from the previous owner William J. Stier attesting to his ownership of the piece and commissioning the serologist report.  An additional letter of provenance from William A. Kulick of Federal Hill Antiquities attesting that “The item was acquired by me some 12 years ago (1983) from the Mauk estate.  Six photographs of the section as a whole when it was originally purchased.  This item was offered in one of the early paper catalogs of the Horse Soldier in Gettysburg, PA.  Additional research on John W. Mauk and the events of the death of Hill accompany this piece.

    Slayer of Gen. A.P. Hill Dead – John W. Mauk, who died recently in Centerville, PA,. Was the reputed slayer of Gen. A.P. Hill.  The event, as related by Mauk, occurred in this way:

    Corporal Mauk and several comrades became separated from their main body on the 2nd of April, 1865, near Petersburg, VA., after the Confederate works had been carried on the front and the Union troops had been deployed to the left side.  They arrived in the sight of a body of Union men on a hill, who were stragglers lost from their commands.  They also saw two men on horseback, apparently officers, who were standing behind a large tree, and, with revolvers drawn, demanded that they surrender.   This they refused to do.  Hot words followed, and Mauk fired at the officer nearest him, who fell from his saddle, dead.  Afterwards Mauk learned that he had killed the Confederate General, A.P. Hill.  (Confederate Veteran's Magazine, March 1899, P. 119)

    Inventory Number: IDE 058 / SOLD