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  • General George Gordon Meade and Staff / SOLD

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    General George Gordon Meade and Staff of 34 - Inventory Number: ALB 018  / SOLD 

     Original Albumen Photo by Matthew Brady

    An engraving of this image was published in the Harper's Weekly Newspaper - July 23rd 1864

    Gen. George G. Meade and staff of thirty-four. Recognized -- Major Simon F. Barstow, Maj. James C. Biddle, Maj. John S. Billings (Surgeon), Col. Henry S. Burton, Capt. Craig, Lt. John R. Eddie, Gen Benj. F. Fisher, Col James T. Ghiselin (Surgeon), Gen. Andrew A. Humphreys, Gen. Henry J. Hurt, Gen. Rufus Ingalls, Capt. Wm. Jay, Maj. Theodore Lyman, Capt. Thomas A. McParlin, Capt. George Meade, Gen. Marsena R. Patrick, Capt. Charles E. Pease, Capt. Edward R. Platt, Maj. Wm. Riddle, Capt. Frederick Rosenkrantz, Col. George Sharp, Col. Thomas Wilson, and Gen. Wm. J. Worth.

    Inventory Number: ALB 017 / SOLD