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  • General Phil Sheridan Autograph / SOLD

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    General Phil Sheridan Autograph - Inventory Number:  AUT 063 / SOLD

    Bold ink signature on a 3”.25 x 2” inch paper reads: “P. H. SHERIDAN, MAJOR GENERAL U.S.A.” in three lines.

    Phil Sheridan is one of the more well-known Generals in US history. He was once allegedly described by President Abraham Lincoln as "A brown, chunky little chap, with a long body, short legs, not enough neck to hang him, and such long arms that if his ankles itch, he can scratch them without stooping."

    Sheridan began the Civil War as an officer in the 13th US Infantry and rose to the rank of Major General fighting in many of the bloody conflicts in the Western Theater of the war. He came East with Grant in 1864 and became famous for his Shenandoah Valley Campaign in which he destroyed Confederate General Jubal Early’s Army. He also played an instrumental part in blocking Lee’s retreat from Richmond and sealing the fate of the Army of Northern Virginia. After the Civil War he remained in the Army and fought Indians.

    Comes housed in a 6 x 8 inch display case with maroon velvet backing and descriptive card.

    Inventory Number:  AUT 063 / SOLD