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    General Staff Officers Coat Button - Inventory Number: BUT 141 / Sold

    General Staff Officers had an executive role in the Federal Army.  After the reorganization of 1836, officers adopted a distinctive "staff" type button. The button shows an eagle with tail, wings, and neck extended from the body on a lined field. The eagle's head faces toward the right, with wing tips pointing upward.  In one talon, the eagle holds four arrows, while he grips an olive branch with the other.  A shield is present at the center and a ring of  stars surrounds the eagle.  The shank is present on the reverse with original thread and a backmark of "R & W. ROBINSON / (dot) (star) (dot) (star) (dot) MAKERS (dot) (star) (dot) (star) (dot) / ATTLEBOROUGH / (star) MASS. (star)" dm, solid ring separating inner and outer inscription.

    Inventory Number: BUT 141 / Sold