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  • Georgia Land Deed / SOLD

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    Georgia Land Deed - Inventory Number: DOC 239 / SOLD

    George R. Gilmer:

    George R. Gilmer, a two-time Georgia governor during the 1830s, is best known for his successful efforts to remove the Cherokees from the state. He was also a state legislator, a U.S. congressman, and an army officer during the War of 1812 (1812-15). At various times in his life, Gilmer also served as a teacher, an author, a historian, a lawyer, and a trustee of the University of Georgia. Gilmer County, in the north Georgia mountains, is named in his honor.

    Samuel Weathers is being presented with on December 16th 1819 with 490 acres of land “lately acquired of the Creek and Cherokee Nations of Indians, forming the counties of Early, Irwin, Appling, Walton, Gwinnett, Hail, Habersham and Rabun.”.  Nicely framed, from the collection of the late Bill Erquitt.

    Inventory Number: DOC 239 / SOLD