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Georgia Silk Ribbon for Chatham Artillery Centennial Anniversary / Sold

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Georgia Silk Ribbon for Chatham Artillery Centennial Anniversary - Inventory Number: CON 179 / Sold

1786 - 1886. Has the building pictured and the Artillery pulling a cannon. Savannah, Ga. May 1, 1886. The famous unit was organized May 1, 1786, and one of its first duties was to participate in the funeral ceremonies for Gen. Nathanael Greene. Jefferson Davis's father had served under Gen. Greene in the American Revolution, so he had agreed to take part in the Chatham Artillery's 100th anniversary commemoration. 

Numerous other military units were invited to join the Chatham Artillery in a parade through Savannah watched by Davis, Gov. Henry McDaniel, former Gen. John B. Garden, and numerous other dignitaries. Afterwards, Davis attended formal dedication ceremonies for the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences. Organized May 1, 1786. Captain Edward Lloyd, former Sergeant Major at battle of Savannah was first commander. First duty in June 1786, was funeral honors for General Nathanael Greene. Participated in Oconee wars 1789-1793. In 1792 George Washington, in appreciation for services rendered presented 2 cannon, one captured at Yorktown and one given by France. 

Inventory Number: CON 179 /Sold