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  • Georgia State Seal Hat Device / SOLD

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    Georgia State Seal Hat Device - Inventory Number: CON 204 / SOLD

    About 2 ¾ inches tall, this Georgia state seal hat insignia still has all four pointed fastening prongs on the reverse. The pattern is often called the “pillars and arches” or just “the arches,” with an eagle perched on top, and the top arch reading “Constitution” and a banner reading “Wisdom,” “Justice,” and “Moderation” winding around the supporting columns. The seal was in use from 1799, but his was a popular militia plate in the 1850s and appears at the top front of the 1851 pattern shakos worn by the Republican Blues of Savannah, for instance, in 1860. Though a little large for wear on a forage cap, it was too bold a statement of identity to put aside when war broke out and we even find one in place on the side of an identified slouch hat from the 10th Georgia illustrated in the Time-Life series Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy. This has a pleasing age patina, exceptionally good detail in the die work, and strong presence of original gilding in the recessed areas.  An absolutely wonderful example, pictured in Don Troiani’s book, “ Civil War Regiments & Uniforms of the Civil War”, page 30. 

    Inventory Number: CON 204 / SOLD