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  • Gettysburg Recovered Confederate Shell / SOLD

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    Gettysburg Recovered Confederate Shell - Inventory Number: GET 302 / SOLD

    Rare Confederate Side-loader from the “Alms House”

    During the Battle of Gettysburg, the Almshouse property was in close proximity to the battle, its location being just northeast of Gettysburg and along the initial Union Line on the first day of fighting. Just north of the Almshouse was a knoll, which the Almshouse's cemetery was located on. General Barlow's division, part of the Union XI Corps took position on the Knoll. However, their location on the edge of the Union line and the knoll's position further forward of supporting divisions created a salient. Barlow's position was hit from both flanks and overrun, leading to the collapse of the Union right flank and the confederate lines moving past the Almshouse by the end of the first day. This area is now called Barlow's Knoll. From the beginning the Almshouse was utilized by both armies as a field hospital to care for the wounded. 

    Inventory Number: GET 302 / SOLD