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  • North Carolina Gettysburg Relic Desk Display / SOLD

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    Gettysburg Relic Desk Display – Inventory Number: GET 346 / SOLD

    Exceptional desk display exhibiting relics found at Gettysburg shortly after the battle. This style is typical of those made by John Goode, a Gettysburg cabinetmaker who worked on wood projects for many of the local residents. He was a prominent assembler of relic displays and owned a small shop on Race Horse Alley off Chambersburg Street. This one features a selection of dropped and fired Union and Confederate bullets, a North Carolina Staff officer’s button, a Federal Staff officer’s button, a 12 lb. cannister ball, and the remains of an 1855 bayonet. All relics have a patina consistent with early battlefield recoveries. A porcelain and brass inkwell with hand painted floral accents is anchored in the center. The board measures 3.75 by 6 inches. A wonderful collection of early Gettysburg battlefield memorabilia. 

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    Inventory Number: GET 346 / SOLD