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  • Gettysburg Souvenir by James T. Long, Leaves fromthe Valley of Death - Fought on July 3rd Battle of gettysburg 1863 Near Monument of the 96th Regiment


    Gettysburg Souvenir by James T. Long - Leaves from the Valley of Death - Fought on July 3rd  Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 Near Monument of 96th Regiment (Pennsylvania).  - Inventory Number: GET 283 

    Gettysburg Souvenir Compliments of Hotel Gettysburg The Best $2 House in America, compiled by Captain James T. Long, The Guide and Delineator, and Author of Gettysburg: How The Battle Was Fought.  Intact 12-page book plus front and back showing history and battles of Gettysburg, back cover showing details of souvenir spoons and sword pins from C.A. Blocher, Jeweler Gettysburg, Pa., this is an interesting little book of original stories about the area, no date but circa 1900.  Approximately 3” wide by 5” tall.  Contains pressed flowers and 12 pages.

    Inventory Number: GET 283