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  • Gettysburg Souvenir Historic Views of Gettysburg

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    Gettysburg Souvenir Historic Views of Gettysburg - The front cover shows an engraving of the "High Water Mark" monument and the "copse of trees."  Illustrations are in Half-Tone of all the Monuments, Important Views and Historical Places on the Gettysburg Battlefield.  The text is by Robert C. Miller and was published by J. I. Mumper and R. C. Miller, custodian of the Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg, Pa.  Copyright, 1912, By J. K. Mumper and R. C. Miller.  Measures approximately 12 1/4 x 9 inches. 

    This volume is issued in the hope that its illustrations will afford visitors and others interested in the Battlefield of Gettysburg some insight into the beauties of the natural scenery, enhanced now by hundreds of monuments of tasteful and elegant designs marking the positions which were occupied by the volunteer troops. The veteran organizations were aided in the construction of these monuments by liberal appropriations by the legislatures of their native States. The perfectly constructed Telford avenues, substantial tablets marking Confederate positions and park-like appearance of this vast field, together with the imposing general monument and individual markers, placed at the line position of each Regular organization, show the unstinted hand with which the United States Government has taken up its work and is making this Battlefield, in a special manner, the Mecca of pilgrimage to all lovers of our Union.

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