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  • Gettysburg Souvenir The Battle of Gettysburg By W. C. Storrick

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    Gettysburg Souvenir The Battle of Gettysburg By W. C. Storrick - There is no one better fitted to describe the Battle of Gettysburg and the National Park established on its site, than the author of this book, Mr. William C. Storrick.  Born a short distance for the battle field, he was seven years old at the time of the battle.  He remembers the flight from home as the army drew near; he remembers also the return to a house which had been occupied by troops.  Still more distinctly he recalls going to Gettysburg on November 19, standing with his hand clasped in his father's, watching a doorway from which the President of the United States was shortly to appear.  He shook hands with Lincoln, was awed by his great height, and listened eagerly to his plain and simple address.  For more than twenty years Mr. Storrick was connected with the Battlefield Commission, first in charge of the farms, then of the guide service as well.  The history of the campaign which forms a part of this volume was prepared at the request of the War Department.  There is no corner of the filed which Mr. Storrick does not know; there is no detail of its history which he has not studied; there is no disputed question of which he cannot give both sides.  His clear and uncontroversial account of the battle is but an outline of his store of information upon which he plans to draw more largely in a volume of greater scope.  Paperback, contains 80 pages.  Published 1947. 

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