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  • Ginger Beer Bottle / SOLD

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    Civil War Era Ceramic Ginger Beer Bottle - Inventory Number: BOT 003 / SOLD

    The cylindrical bottle is made of clay and has a light beige two-toned color on the surface.  A light brown coloring starts at the spout and continues to mid-body, the remainder of bottle wears a light cream colored outer surface.  This two-tone glazed bottle measures 8 1/4” high with a 3” diameter base.  Spout has a 1/4” thick brim that held a cork, now missing.  Entire bottle surface is free of cracks and breaks.  Has a small chip on the spout of the bottle, but otherwise in fine condition. 

    Ginger beer was a popular drink among Civil War soldiers.  It was a type of alcoholic beverage, flavored primarily with ginger, lemon and sugar.  This bottle would make a nice addition to a display of a soldiers personal effects.

    Inventory Number: BOT 003 / SOLD