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  • Grand Army of the Republic Membership Medal / Sold

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    Grand Army of the Republic Medal - Inventory Number: VET 161 / Sold

     A Grand Army of the Republic membership badge, a five-pointed star constructed of bronze, the obverse center presents the Goddess of Liberty with a soldier and sailor clasping hands to represent fraternity, with two children kneeling in the foreground, on either side of the group are the flag, eagle, an ax and bundle of rods, in the star points are the emblems of different arms of service (bugle, cannon, musket, sword, and anchor), surrounding the center is the legend GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC 1861 VETERANS 1866, the reverse center presents a presents the national shield surrounded by corps badges, with a clasp constructed in the shape of an eagle with crossed cannons and ammunition, with an anchor hanging from it as well, all attached to a national flag ribbon.

    Inventory Number: VET 161 / Sold