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  • Grouping of New Hampshire GAR Ribbons

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    Grouping of New Hampshire GAR Ribbons - Nice grouping of ribbons dated 1878 through 1905, 16 total ribbons.  Includes a 2nd Reunion Ribbon, 3rd Reunion Ribbon, 4th Reunion Ribbon, 5th Reunion Ribbon, two 6th Reunion Ribbons, 7th Reunion Ribbon, 8th Reunion Ribbon, two 12th Reunion Ribbons, 15th  Reunion Ribbon, 16th Reunion Ribbon, 17th Reunion Ribbon, 18th Reunion Ribbon, Manchester Veterans Association Ribbon, and Department of New Hampshire GAR December 1905 Ribbon.  All ribbons are in good condition. 

    New Hampshire men contributed greatly to the Union forces during the Civil War. In total there were 836 officers and 31,650 enlisted men during the 4 years of war.

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