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  • Grouping of Relics with 1892 Labels, Including Gettysburg and Libby Prison / Sold

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    Grouping of Relics with 1892 Labels Grouping of Relics with 1892 Labels - Inventory Number: GRO 036 / Sold

    Historic and eclectic group of relics collected by an A.M. Woods with paper labels in ink dated 1892. At the top is a Williams type I cleaner bullet with the zinc washer still in place, with an ink stating, “bullet from the battlefield of Gettysburg, PA obtained by Capt. I.N. Johnston’s daughter Co. H 6th Kentucky Vol. Inf. Sept. 1892 by A.M. Woods.” The second relic is missing but the tag identifies it as “a piece of the floorboard from carriage in which Abraham Lincoln rode while President of the U.S. Now in the Libby Prison War Museum.” The third piece is a small piece of wood identified as “a piece of one of the upper windowsills of Libby Prison obtained August 1892 A.M. Woods.” Below is a dried plant identified as a “magnolia bud grown at Mount Vernon on the tree planted by Washington the last year of his life obtained on the spot by A.M. Woods Sept. 21, 1892.” At the bottom of the display are two early battlefield pickups, a shell fragment and a twisted 1853 Enfield trigger guard. A nice early relic grouping. 

    Comes housed in a 14 x 20 display case with blue velvet backing and descriptive card.


    Inventory Number: GRO 036 / Sold