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  • Grouping of Reunion Items from Benjamin H. Teague, Hampton’s Legion

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    Grouping of Reunion Items from Benjamin H. Teague, Hampton’s Legion – Inventory Number: GRO 033

    Interesting grouping of items collected by Benjamin H. Teague from Civil War battlefields. The larger rock from Fortress Monroe has a partially legible old tag that reads “…shot away by a cannon..” The smaller rock comes with an old tag that reads “a piece of rock from Little Round Top-battlefield of Gettysburg picked up by B.H. Teague during the Blue & Gray reunion July 1st to 4th 1913.”

    The cased lot comes with a write up on Teague. “Confederate veteran’s organizations and auxiliary clubs became quite popular in postwar South Carolina, as in other Southern states, and seemed to become more numerous as the veterans grew older. Benjamin H. Teague had this interesting cabinet print of himself made when he became the commander of the Bernard E. Bee Camp of United Confederate Veterans in 1896, the second camp to be established in South Carolina. He later became the state commander of the United Confederate Veterans. 

    He had the earlier photograph taken in 1864, the year in which he enlisted, six months before his sixteenth birthday, as a private at Columbia in Company B of the Hampton Legion, then commanded by Brig. Gen. Martin W. Gary. He apparently was one of the South Carolinians present at Appomattox who refused to participate in the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia. When Gary escaped from the encircling Federals with a few members of his brigade, Private Teague was among them. Teague’s name was on the list of those paroled at Appomattox, but he was personally paroled at Augusta, Georgia, during June 1865. He may well have ridden with Gary while Gary was escorting Pres. Jefferson Davis through South Carolina and into Georgia.” 

    Comes housed in a 16 x 12 inch display case with blue velvet backing and descriptive card.

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    Inventory Number: GRO 033