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  • Gwyn and Campbell Carbine "Cosmopolitan" / SOLD


    Gwyn and Campbell Carbine "Cosmopolitan" - Inventory Number: RIF 066 / SOLD

    Also known as the "Union Carbine", these carbines were manufactured by Edward Gwyn and Abner Campbell of Hamilton, Ohio from 1863 to 1864, with a total production of 4,000. The breech end of the barrel is octagon and is fitted with a folding leaf rear sight graduated to 600 yards. Pinched blade front sight, sling bar and ring on the left side of the receiver. The rear lock plate screw enters from the left side of the stock wrist. The hammer is flat with beveled edges and the lever is the shorter Type II pattern with the vertically mounted claw-like latch. The receiver, rear sight base, hammer, and lever had a casehardened finish, all other metal parts were finished in blue. The lock plate is marked "GWYN & CAMPBELL" in an arch over "PATENT / 1862 / HAMILTON. O." behind the hammer, a small "R" toward the rear of the lock and "UNION / RIFLE" is marked vertically on the front, right side of the receiver. The left barrel flat just ahead of the receiver, left front of the receiver, top of the breech block and upper tang are stamped with the letter "R" and the bottom with a "PT". The matching serial number is stamped on the bottom of the barrel, frame, lever and breechblock. Mounted with a smooth straight grip walnut stock with a casehardened carbine buttplate, a sharp boxed "WHR" cartouche on the left wrist and small "WHR" stamped on the comb directly ahead of the buttplate tang.  Serial # 4,398.  loding lever has a period blacksmith / field repair.  Wood stock is in very nice condition as is the bore.  The U.S. Ordnance Dept. granted over a dozen contracts to Gwyn & Campbell for a total of 8,202 carbines of both types. A number of Federal cavalry units were armed with the G & C carbine and included the 3rd Wisconsin; 2nd and 3rd Iowa; 2nd & 3rd Arkansas; 5th and 8th Ohio; 5th, 6th and 16th Illinois along with other Civil War units.  A very nice representative and well cared for example which saw service.

    Inventory Number: RIF 066 / SOLD