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  • Hardtack and Coffee 1st Edition

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    1st Edition – 1888

     Great condition copy of "HARDTACK AND COFFEE" or, The Unwritten Story of Army Life by John Billings. 1888; George M. Smith & Co.; Boston. Amazing, in-depth first-hand account of army life in the Civil War written by a Union Army Commander. Profusely illustrated with 6 color plates and 211 illustrations by Charles Reed. "Enlisting life in tents and log huts, jonahs and beats, offences and punishments, raw recruits, foraging, corps and corps badges, the wagon trains, the army mule, the engineer corps, the signal corps, etc." From the Preface: "This is the first attempt to record comprehensively army life in detail; in which both text and illustrations aim to permanently record information which the history of no other war has preserved with equal accuracy and completeness." The chapters are as follows: I. The Tocsin of War II. Enlisting III. How the Soldiers Were Sheltered IV. Life in Tents V. Life in Log Huts VI. Jonahs and Beats VII. Army Rations VIII. Offences and Punishments IX. A Day in Camp. "Assembly of Bulgers." "Turn Out!" "Assembly" X. Raw Recruits XI. Special Rations. Boxes from Home XII. Foraging XIII. Corps and Corps Badges XIV. Some Inventions and Devices of the War XV. The Army Mule XVI. Hospitals and Ambulances XVII. Scattering Shots. The Clothing XVIII. Breaking Camp. On the March XIX. Army Wagon Trains XX. Army Road and Bridge Builders XXI. Talking Flags and Torches Condition: The book is in great condition both inside and out. Clean covers and spine with sharp corners. Tight binding. No loose pages. No cracks. The text pages are clean and white with only a few random ink smudges found. Overall in very good condition.

    Inventory Number: HIS 045 - SOLD