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  • Hick's Percussion Cap Tin

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    Hick's Percussion Cap Tin - Inventory Number: BUL 281

    Marked: ''HICKS” Charging Pat. 14th 1857.  Man. By AM. F. & CAP. Co. Waterbury Conn. 

    "Walter Hicks established a cap manufactory at 55 Cliff St., New York City in 1854 until 1856. He moved to 52 Beekman St. Haverstraw, N.Y in 1857.In 1857, Walter Hicks and Frank Frary jointly formed the American Flask and Cap Company in Waterbury, Ct. In the late 1860's, The Waterbury Brass Co. became the owners. They kept the Am F&C Co name until 1869-70. American Brass Company eventually took over the company, which was then overtaken by Anaconda. The cap manufacturing portion of the business was sold off to Remington/Winchester circa 1898. They kept using the Hicks name for another decade or two. 


    Inventory Number: BUL 281