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  • Historic Confederate Gunner's Pouch / SOLD

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    Historic Confederate Gunner's Pouch - Inventory Number: CON 191 / SOLD

    This rare russet leather pouch bears an original ink inscription on the outer flap which states: “C.S.A. Port Hudson LA – July 18th 1863”.  This box was battlefield pick-up following the heavy fighting on July 4th 1864.  It features a russet brown leather with lead finial and crescent shaped stitching to affix the now torn closure tab.  The reverse retains both belt loops and was likely manufactured in Richmond, Virginia.  This pouch was designed to be worn on the waist belt and contained the gunner’s level, gimlet, vent punch, and chalk.  This exact example was purchased by the previous collector for $3,500 in the 1980’s and has remained in his collection until his recent passing.

    Inventory Number: CON 191 / SOLD