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  • Historic Photograph of Robert E. Lee / SOLD

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    Historic Photograph of Robert E. Lee - Inventory Number: CON 180 / SOLD

    Inscribed and hand-colored by Lee’s daughter Mildred Lee

    Photographer: Anderson, NY

    Inscription reads: 

    “Shone white the stars around that kingly head, 

    That wears the crown of sorrow, & gray hair;

    He that was undefeated in defeat.”

    For dear Annie--

    with the love of

    Mildred Lee

    Inscription text appears to be quoting lines from the poem “Lee”, by Robert Burns Wilson, 1898:

    “and henceforth he wears

    The kingly crown of sorrow and gray hairs,

    He that was undefeated in defeat.

    Flames, white, the star that shines above his head”

    In 1901, Robert Burns Wilson married Anne Hendrick, daughter of General William J. Hendrick, a former Attorney-General of Kentucky, during a visit to New York. 

    David H. Anderson, photographer, relocated from Richmond, VA to New York in 1879 by purchasing and refitting Mathew Brady’s historical studio at 785 Broadway. He died 1905. Date of photograph likely between 1889 and 1905.  Strong suspicion the photograph was gifted to Anne Wilson after her marriage in 1901. 

    Inventory Number: CON 180 / SOLD