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  • Horstmann Bros. Navy Chapeau de Bras

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    Horstmann Bros. Navy Chapeau de Bras - Inventory Number: UNI 101

    Very fine US Navy officer’s chapeau with tin box. Constructed of faux beaver skin with a grosgrain black rosette under two gold bullion strips, secured by a brass naval button. Fore and aft end of hat are decorated with blue and gold bullion acorns with gold bullion pendants. The edge of the hat is outlined with wide gold bullion ribbon. The interior is lines with black silk and an oxblood leather sweatband. The inside of the crown is marked “Horstmann Bro’s & Co. Philadelphia, PA.” The hat is 16” long and 4 ½” tall. The dipped tin box has a swivel carry handle and a latch that can be secured with a lock. A 1” circular brass label is soldered onto the case and stamped “Horstmann Bros. & Co. Philada. Army & Navy Goods.” The interior is coated with a dark amber colored japanning material. This is a very attractive 19th century Navy chapeau.

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    Inventory Number: UNI 101