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  • Horstmann Brothers & Company Uniform Brush / SOLD

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    Horstmann Brothers & Company Uniform Brush - Inventory Number: UNI 098 / SOLD

    A useful tool for keeping the uniform clean for dress parade, the brush measures 5”x 2” and retains 90 percent of the original advertising label. 

    William H. Horstmann & Co. (later Horstmann Brothers and Company) was a manufacturer and retailer of civilian and military equipment, including military uniforms, insignias, and flags. The company was established in 1815 by William H. Horstmann, a native of Cassel, Germany In 1828, the company began the manufacture of military trimmings. The company consisted of two branches: one dealt in civilian clothing and goods, and the other in military uniforms and equipment. The company executive large government contracts for the War and Navy Departments. After his sons, William H. Horstmann (1819-1872) and Sigmund H. Horstmann (1821-1870) joined the firm, they established another branch of the business in New York, New York in 1831. 

    The firm was known by a variety of names: William H. Horstmann & Sons (1843-1893, Philadelphia), Horstmann Brothers & Company (1850-1852, New York; 1859-1893, Philadelphia), Horstmann Brothers & Allien (1852-1877, New York), Horstmann Sons & Drucker (1845-1849, New York), and the William H. Horstmann Co. (1893-1940, Philadelphia).

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    Inventory Number: UNI 098 / SOLD