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  • Identified Confederate Haversack / SOLD

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    Identified Confederate Haversack - Inventory Number: CON 154 / SOLD

    Exceptionally rare Confederate accouterment.  Union enlisted examples are very difficult to obtain, their Confederate counterparts are nearly nonexistent.  This light brown leather example was recently purchased directly from the soldier's estate.  The condition is excellent with the original shoulder strap intact as well as closure straps.  Nice flat copper rivets with classic reddish hue.  Soldiers records as well as family history accompany this piece.   

    Joseph Swartz:

    Enlisted as a Private (date unknown).

    He also had service in:

    "E" Co. VA 136th Militia Infantry

     Confederate Haversack descended directly in the family of Joseph Swartz who served in the 136th Virginia Militia during the Civil War.  Joseph Swartz, Jr. was bornin Shenandoah County, Virginia, February 2nd, 1840, to the parents of Joseph Swartz and Sarah Swartz.  He married Susan Ellen Beydler of this union of matrimony two children were born, Sarah Francis Swartz and Luther Ashby Swartz.  Joseph died1907 Saumsville, Shenandoah County, Virginia.  The family farm was originally purchased by his father Joseph, passed to his son Joseph Jr., to his son Luther Ashby Swartz, eventually to Marion Swartz, son of Luther, who was the owner in 1937.  

    Inventory Number: CON 154 / SOLD