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  • Ivory Day Diary / SOLD

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    Ivory Day Diary - Inventory Number: PER 103 / SOLD

    Excellent Civil War soldier’s pocket-sized calendar that consists of eight small pages of natural ivory, all hinged at one end with a single rivet.  In fantastic condition, this diary has its small, thin ivory pages pivoted together that measure 3” high x 1 1/2” wide each.  The pages are stamped at the top edge with a different day of the week from Monday through Saturday.  The inner pages are protected with a thicker ivory outer page cover at front and back.  Outer cover has a 3/4”, silver shield device pinned to the exterior surface with the original owners name “M.B.C. / Amherst” engraved on the face.  Additionally, a silver clasp and hinged hook pinned at the upper edge of the diary.  Daily entries were made upon the appropriate flat hard slabs of ivory, usually with a lead pencil.  Light inscriptions are visible on the diary as it appears it was used.  A wonderful, Civil War era ivory diary.

    Inventory Number: PER 103 / SOLD