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  • J. Henry Maryland Saber / SOLD

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    J. Henry Maryland Saber - Inventory Number: CON 251 / SOLD

    John Joseph Henry only made 1,000 cavalry sabers for Maryland between 1813 and 1814. On November 25, 1813, he sold them for "M" stamps as well. For an identical example, see pages 84-85 of "Swords and Sword Makers of the War of 1812" by Richard H. Bezdek. The slightly curved clip point blade has a narrow single fuller along the top on both sides. The spine of the blade, near the hilt, is stamped "M" for Maryland. Iron reverse 'P' hilt with spooned knuckle bow and birds head pommel with integral backstrap. Blade flat stamped "M". Hilt retains an even brown patina surface. A very scarce War of 1812 sword.

    Inventory Number: CON 251 / SOLD