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  • J. M. Cooper Pocket Model Revolver / SOLD

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    J. M. Cooper Pocket Model Revolver - Inventory Number:  HAN 237 / SOLD

    J.M. Cooper Double Action Pocket Revolver, three-digit serial number made circa 1864 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During a time of rapid innovation in firearms technology and an insatiable market due to rapid expansion and the American Civil War, dozens of makers seized their opportunity to put their ideas on the market. 

    The J.M. Cooper Double Action Revolver took the concept of the Colt 1849 Pocket Model and improved it by giving it a double action firing mechanism. In fact, they are so much alike that it is easy to mistake the Cooper for a Colt! Only about 15,000 of these Pocket Models were made during the 1860s, making these quite scarce. 

    Though there are no known military contracts, they made their way onto Civil War battlefields when soldiers purchased them privately for that purpose and they certainly filled holsters in the years following.

    The overall condition is good. The action indexes the cylinder but not the hammer. The markings are legible and the serial numbers match.  The metal exhibits a gray patina. The walnut grips are sound and have blotchy patches of varnish remaining.  A scarce civil war pistol.


     Inventory Number:  HAN 237 / SOLD